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Our Features

A better alternative to cash bonds and bank guarantees

eGuarantee eliminates the need for tenants to provide a cash deposit or to draw down on a bank facility for their lease security. This security is provided in the form of an electronic, non-deposit lease bond which is “as good as” a bank guarantees from Tier 1 Australian banks. In addition, eGuarantee uses technology to increase efficiencies of the management of bonds and bank guarantees for lease security.

  • Online workflow makes creating and managing guarantees easy

    Through our electronic non-deposit lease bond product, eGuarantee reduces the current time and administration required to apply and obtain a guarantee for lease security. eGuarantee increases the convenience of managing (“claiming” and “cancelling”) bonds and bank guarantees via our electronic workflows.

  • Complete access, security and information privacy

    eGuarantee provides 24/7, 365 days access to a single repository of your bonds and bank guarantees for lease security. Providing imperishable evidence of existence allowing you to manage the status (“Active”, “Cancelled” and “Paid & Closed“) of your bonds and bank guarantees. eGuarantee delivers its access and security via global best practice SSL-encrypted, multi-factor authentication, verification and information security through cloud hosting on Amazon Web Service’s Australian server environment.

  • Get notified on major changes, messages and expiring guarantees

    eGuarantee notifies all users (landlord, tenant, bank) via email of a change in status to your bond and bank guarantee. In addition, eGuarantee provides configurable notifications in advance of expiry of your bond and bank guarantees in order to avoid expiration in the case of the landlord and holdover in the case of the tenant.

  • Generate and print guarantees, documents and reports

    eGuarantee allows you to print individual bond and bank guarantee certificates as well as any document that you have uploaded to the system such as a lease agreement. eGuaratee's reporting capabilities allows you to extract all your bond and bank guarantee records into an Excel, CSV or pdf format for ease of use and upload into your lease management system.

    Key attributes for landlords:

    • Digitise your entire bank guarantee portfolio together with our electronic lease bonds and integrate with your lease management system.
    • Lease bonds are worded as a bank guarantee being unconditional, on demand, non-deposit bank guarantee alternative. issued by Australia’s No. 1 specialist insurance group which is regulated by APRA.
    • Issued by Australia’s No. 1 specialist insurance group which is regulated by APRA, with 100% of the risk underwritten by a panel of S&P AA/A-rated global reinsurers.
    • Lease bonds increase automatically with rent escalation.
    • Discretion to claim part or full amount of the lease bond.
    • Claim or cancel your lease bond online from any connected device.
    • Effortless transfer of lease bonds when property is sold or acquired.
    • Competitive advantage in attracting tenants.
    • You gain comfort in knowing the tenant has been credit approved.
    • Tenant is only notified post payment of a claim.
    • The tenant must be in default under the lease agreement in advance of making a claim.

    Key attributes for Tenants:

    • No physical collateral or cash is required to apply for and obtain our lease bonds.
    • Working capital delivered through access of current cash deposit or freed up debt facility.
    • Ability to apply, create and request cancellation of our lease bonds online from any connected device.
    • Landlord can only claim if there has been a default under the lease.
    • Extremely efficient turnaround time from application to creation.
    • Business indemnity is required, and personal indemnity is requested when needed.

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The eGuarantee team comprises of founders, chairpersons and directors of some of Australia’s largest and most successful listed property groups.

In addition, a diverse range of people with deep IT, Commercial Property, Information System, Finance and Insurance experience at ZIP CO, InfoTrack, PwC, Charter Hall, Steinhoff International and Investec, cont.

Working with the best landlords across the country.

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